Advanced Examples

Trace of work plan 2007


Please note that the activity in Geant4 Advanced Examples is carried on in collaboration with experimental groups not subject to the control of the Geant4 Collaboration. Development of new examples, validation against experimental data and publications depend on agreements with collaborating experimental groups.

Until end of April 2007

Publication of past developments and validation results: done
Preparation of material for the Geant4 Review: done

From May 2007

Work item Status
Reverse engineering of examples whose developers did not document the design Done
Design and code review of minimum two and up to four existing examples
(candidates: rare_decay, medical_linac, human_phantom, xray_fluo, brachytherapy, gammaray_telescope)
xray_fluo, hadrontherapy
Critical analysis of existing examples against available human resources; selection of examples candidate to retirement because of the withdrawal of the original developers from the Geant4 Collaboration Metrics collected
New examples to be released (subject to prior publication): radiation_monitor, nanotechnology, cell_irradiation Code in CVS, not released yet
(not published yet)
Validation projects of at least two advanced examples
(candidates: radiation_monitor, brachytherapy, medical_linac, hadrontherapy, xray_fluo)
hadrontherapy, xray_fluo
Improvement of the Advanced Examples web: example documentation and web site look In progress
Instrumentation of at least one example for training purposes Done
Performance benchmarks in sequential and parallel mode of at least three examples Done
Survey of simulation requirements in experimental domains not addressed yet Done
Publication of all new examples to be released In progress
Publication of validation results In progress

Last update 10 dicembre 2007 - Maria Grazia Pia