is an Object Oriented Toolkit for the simulation of the passage of particles through matter.
Its application areas include high energy and nuclear physics experiments, astrophysics and space science, medical physics, radiation protection etc.
has been developed and maintained by a world-wide collaboration of more than 100 scientists.
The source code and libraries are freely distributed from the Geant4 web site.
Geant4 references are:
S. Agostinelli et al., Geant4: a simulation toolkit, NIM A, vol. 506, pp. 250-303, 2003
J. Allison et al., Geant4 Developments and Applications, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci., vol. 53, no. 1, pp. 270-278, 2006

A team at INFN Genova, Italy has contributed to Geant4 development since the R&D RD44 phase (1994-1998), which created Geant4.
The Geant4 activity at INFN Genova is currently funded by INFN through the NANO5 project.

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