Brachytherapy example

Code developed by:

S. Agostinelli, F. Foppiano, S. Garelli and M. Tropeano



0. Introduction.

Brachytherapy example simulates energy deposition on a voxel grid

for a MicroSelectron Ir-192 HDR brachytherapy source.



1. Technical description

1.0. MicroSelectron HDR Ir-192 source is constructed in the

brachyDetectorConstruction class. The source is composed by

an iridium core encapsulated in a stainless steel capsule

(body + tip).


The source is put into a 30*cm water box.


1.1. The water box is made sensitive detector. A longitudinal slice

of it is associated to a planar read out geometry. At every hit

energy deposition is read and stored into a voxel matrix.


1.2. Voxel matrix is output to an ASCII file for further processing

(e.g. anysotropy and isodose calculations).


2. Make

A standard Geant4 example GNUmakefile is provided.


2. Usage

Simply run "Brachy" executable. The ASCII "Brachy.out" file is



Isodoses distribution for a simulation of 20 10 6 photons