Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics

Trace of work plan 2007

(subject to discussion in the Working Group)

Until end of April 2007

Publication of past developments and validation results: done
Preparation of material for the Geant4 Review: done

From May 2007

Work item

Refinement of existing Geant4-DNA physics models (contribution from Geant4-DNA project) Done
New Geant4-DNA  physics models (contribution from Geant4-DNA  project) Done
New Geant4-DNA  biological models: cell survival (contribution from Geant4-DNA  project) Done
New Geant4-DNA  biological models: first development cycle of other processes (contribution from Geant4-DNA  project) Moved to lower priority
New physics models at the eV scale for other materials than water (contribution associated to Qinetiq sub-contract) In progress: review of literature, contacts with theorists
Extension of the pilot project design elaborated for Geant4-DNA  processes to other sub-domains of the lowenergy package In progress
Design iteration in final state generation domain of Compton scattering for Doppler broadening reuse between alternative Compton scattering models (contribution associated to Qinetiq sub-contract) In progress
Restoring original design of hadron/ion domain In progress (PhD thesis associated)
Upgrade and extension of unit tests Done
Design and code review of integration tests, documentation of undocumented test17, improvements deriving from the review, extension of coverage of the tests Partly done, will continue in 2008
Validation of Geant4-DNA models (contribution from Geant4-DNA  project) Done compatible with existing data
(Comparisons in different phases)
Validation of atomic relaxation: second cycle In progress (PhD thesis associated)
Validation of quantum harmonic oscillator model Done
Validation projects in Physics Book context: emphasis on  physics distributions relevant to INFN experiments (contribution associated to INFN project) and other projects relevant to Working Group members' institutes Done
Reuse of published validation code and reference data for regression testing In progress
Publication of all new models Done + in progress
Publication of validation results Done + in progress

Last update 10 dicembre 2007 - Maria Grazia Pia