The Geant4-LowE portion of this web site has been preserved for historical memory; it is not further updated.
The Geant4-related research activity at INFN Genova is now configured in a wider scope project,
which also encompasses aspects related to Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics.

Geant4 Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics

An application of Geant4 Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics in brachytherapy A set of models are available in the Geant4 Simulation Toolkit to describe the interactions of photons, electrons, hadrons and ions with matter down to low energies.

These models are implemented in the toolkit to extend the coverage of electromagnetic interactions of photons and electrons down to 250 eV, and of protons, ions and antiprotons down to <1  keV.

Specialised models taking into account photon polarisation are also included in Geant4 Low Energy Electromagnetic package.

Applications of such models range from high energy physics experiments to space science and  astrophysics to the medical field.

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