Scientific Program

(as of 29th June 1998)

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This is a list of the allocated talks with the corresponding speakers.

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INVITED TALKS (30 minutes):

ALEPH Oscillations of neutral B systems Jacques Boucrot (CERN/LAL-Orsay)
DELPHI Measurements of Rc and Rb at LEP Massimo Caccia (Milano)
L3 W physics at LEP Mario Campanelli (ETH Zurich)
OPAL CP violation in B-->J/psi K0S decay Richard Hawkings (CERN/DESY)
CMS CMS detector and its B-physics potential Ritva Kinnunen (Helsinki)
ATLAS Overview talk on B-physics in ATLAS Peter Sherwood (CERN/UC London)
WA92 Beauty hadro-production in the WA92 fixed-target experiment Claudia Gemme (Genova)
CPLEAR Contribution of CPLEAR to the physics of the neutral kaon system Angela Benelli (CERN)
CHORUS Neutrino induced charm production in the CHORUS experiment at CERN Oliver Melzer (NIKHEF)
CRYSTAL BARREL Light quark meson spectroscopy with Crystal Barrel Peter Blüm (Karlsruhe)
HERA Heavy vector meson production at HERA Chris Hilton (Manchester)
HERA Open heavy flavour production at HERA Leonid Gladilin (Hamburg U.)
HERA-B An experiment to study CP violation in the B-system using an internal target at the HERA proton ring Ivan Belyaev (ITEP Moscow)
CLEO Charmed baryon results John O'Neill (Minnesota)
CLEO Latest B decay results plus latest meson results Mark Dickson (Cornell)
SLD New results on B physics at SLD David Jackson (SLAC/RAL)
BaBar Direct CP violation measurement in BaBar Giovanni Crosetti (Genova)
BES Recent results obtained by BES in charmonium physics Xinhua Li (Beijing)
LHCb CP violation in B-decays: prospects for the LHCb experiment Werner Ruckstuhl (NIKHEF)
E835 Present status of charmonium spectroscopy in proton antiproton annihilations Marco Pallavicini (Genova)
BTeV Status of the BTeV experiment at FNAL Joel Butler (FNAL)
CDF Mixing and CP violation Ken Kelley (MIT)
D0 The prospects for B and C quark physics with the upgraded D0 detector Mark Adams (U. of Illinois)
E791 Results from Fermilab charm experiment E791 Milind Purohit (South Carolina)
E831 Overview of FOCUS and a report on charmed mesons in FOCUS Daniele Pedrini (Milano)
SELEX First physics results from SELEX (E781) Maurizio Iori (Rome)
HyperCP Results from HyperCP on the search for CP violation in hyperon decays Edmond Dukes (Virginia U.)
KTeV Kaon physics from KTeV Gordon Thomson (Rutgers Univ.)
  Baryon spectroscopy in the charm and beauty sectors using a renormalization group improved quark phenomenological model Calvin Kalman (Montreal)
  QCD sum rules calculation of heavy Lambda semileptonic decay and heavy quark effective theory Hans Günter Dosch (Heidelberg)
  The dynamics of quarkonium production Paul Hoyer (Nordita)
  Summary talk Sergio Ratti (Pavia)


ALEPH D** production in b and c decays Catherine Ferdi (Clermont-Ferrand)
ALEPH Gluon splitting to b-bbar and c-cbar at the Z resonance Tommaso Boccali (Pisa)
DELPHI New measurements of Vub and Vcb at DELPHI Paula Collins (CERN)
DELPHI AFB for b-bbar and c-cbar Ernesto Migliore (Torino)
L3 Sigma+ and Sigma0 production measured at LEP with the L3 detector Chris Tully (Princeton)
L3 Charmonium resonance formation in gamma-gamma collisions at LEP with the L3 detector Begona de la Cruz (CIEMAT, Madrid)
OPAL b and c semileptonic decays in OPAL Pauline Gagnon (CERN/CRPP)
OPAL Spin alignment in heavy and light flavour systems in Z decays Simon Robins (Technion)
CMS CP violation in CMS: expected performance Jacqueline Stefanescu (Brussels)
ATLAS CP violation with the ATLAS detector David Rousseau (CERN)
SLD Electroweak measurements with heavy quarks at SLD Victor Serbo (SLAC)
CDF B physics in Run II with upgraded CDF II Donatella Lucchesi (Pisa)
CDF Rare B decays from the CDF experiment William Trischuk (Toronto)
D0 Prospects of heavy quark physics in run II with the D0 detector Krish Gounder (Riverside)
E687 The latest experimental results of the experiment E687 Gianluigi Boca (Pavia)
E831 Charmed baryon and semileptonic physics at FOCUS Brian O'Reilly (Colorado U.)
KTeV Weak radiative cascade0 decays at KTeV Erik Ramberg (Fermilab)
  Charmonia production at Tevatron, HERA and LHC M. A. Sanchis-Lozano (Valencia)

SUBMITTED TALKS (10-15 minutes):

HERA-B The HERA-B Ring Imaging Cerenkov Detector: design, expected performance, and status Joerg Pyrlik (DESY/Houston)
HERA-B Development of HERA-B high pT trigger Vitaly Eiges (DESY)
WA92 Results on D*+- production from CERN experiment WA92 Cristina Lazzeroni (Pisa)
BaBar DIRC, the Particle Identification Detector of BaBar Christophe Yeche (Saclay)
KTeV Cascade0 beta decays at KTeV Emmanuel Monnier (Chicago U.)
FENICE New measurements of the J/psi decay in nucleon-antinucleon Cesare Bini (Roma)
WA89 Hyperon production in Sigma-, neutron and pion interactions at 345 GeV/c in Hyperon experiment WA-89 at CERN Mikhail Zavertyaev (Lebedev, Moscow)
WA89 Total charm production cross section and production asymmetries in Sigma--Nucleus interactions at 340 GeV/c Oliver Thilmann (Heidelberg)
HERMES Charm production at HERMES Stephan Brons (DESY)
NA48 Lambda polarization in the NA48 experiment at CERN Alexander Tkatchev (JINR Dubna)
H1 Open B cross section from H1 Stefano Passaggio (ETH Zurich)
BC The new observation of S=-2 heavy H+ stable dibaryon Petros Aslanyan (JINR)
  Testing technicolor models in top quark pair production at high energy photon colliders Hong-Yi Zhou (Heidelberg)
  A general connection between inclusive decay rates of bound and free heavy quarks I. M. Narodetskii (ITEP Moscow)
  Probing the Standard Model in rare b-->sl+ l- decays Silvano Simula (Sanità, Rome)
  Mass spectrum of quarkonia: role of closed mesonic channels M. Shmatikov (Kurchatov Inst., Moscow)
  Polarization in strange and heavy-flavor baryon production Aldo Penzo (Trieste)
  Hyperons as collective excitations of chiral solitons Herbert Weigel (Tübingen)
  Short distance and long distance QCD contributions to radiative decays, B --> Xs +2 gamma's and Bs --> 2 gamma's Y.-P. Ed Yao (Michigan U.)
  A fundamental approach to hybrid states Martin Olsson (Wisconsin)
  Signal for CP violation in B-->P-Pbar-pi decays Svjetlana Fajfer (Ljubljana)
  Long and short distance contributions to the weak D--> V l+ l- decays Sasa Prelovsek (Ljubljana)
  Radiative decays of D-mesons Paul Singer (Technion)
  B decays to excited charm mesons Pietro Colangelo (Bari)
  Weak radiative hyperon decays and vector meson dominance Piotr Zenczykowski (Kracow)
  SU(3) breaking in hyperon beta decays: a prediction for Xi0 -> Sigma+ e nu Philip Ratcliffe (Milano)