The Statistical Toolkit is an open source software toolkit for statistical data analysis. It adopts advanced programming techniques to achieve openness to extension and evolution. The Toolkit is written in C++.

The project adopts an incremental and iterative software process. The  first development cycle focuses on software tools for Goodness-of-Fit test. 


11 April 2006 - Release version 2.0.0 is available for download. The main upgrades since the previous version are:

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Reference publication

G.A.P. Cirrone, S. Donadio, S. Guatelli, A. Mantero, B. Mascialino, S. Parlati, M.G. Pia, A. Pfeiffer, A. Ribon, P. Viarengo
A Goodness-of-Fit Statistical Toolkit
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Volume: 51, Issue: 5, Oct. 2004, Pages: 2056 - 2063 

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