Droni e sensori per alzare il livello di sicurezza dei porti

Within the PNRR-RAISE the ROSSINI project (Remotely-operated On-board inSpections for Special Nuclear materIal) aims to develop a new and efficient methodology for the inspection of containers against illicit Special Nuclear Material (SNM) transportation. We propose to use robots (flying and terrestrial) to reach the vessel while approaching the port to manage radiation-sensitive detectors for container inspection. In case of anomaly detection the suspicious container, while unloaded, will be verified from the outside, with robot-operated detectors. Upon anomaly verification, the final assessment will be performed by internal inspection using further robot-operated sensors. Alarms, as well as inspection status, will be broadcast and distributed over the RAISE network for real-time monitoring and prompt response planning. The proposed approach, with an increasing level of danger awareness and real-time assessment, will minimize the human exposure to radiation and time involved in the inspection, by exploiting the out-of-port vessel’s approach, and by making extensive use of remotely operated devices, providing real-time anomaly or danger awareness.