The Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) experiment

Analysis techniques based of Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning and, more recently, deep-learning approaches, are widely used in medical diagnostics and therapy. Starting from sensor data processing for image reconstruction, specific solutions include a variety of data mining, image segmentation, annotation and analysis applications, to end with intelligent systems for computed-aided diagnosis and image-guided therapy. Big companies are quickly developing and placing on the market intelligent systems applications to assist clinicians in their daily tasks. Nevertheless, research institutions can provide relevant contributions in this still-open field of research. A network of fruitful interactions between INFN Physicists and Clinicians of several Italian hospitals and clinical research centers has been built in the last two decades, thanks also to specific research initiatives funded by INFN-CSN5 (National Scientific Committee 5).

The Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) experiment aims to exploit the expertise of INFN and associated researchers on medical data processing and enhancement, and turn it in the development of advanced and effective analysis instruments to be eventually clinically validated and translated into products.

Staff: Andrea Chincarini

PhD students: Nicola Alchera, Enrico Peira