For High Luminosity LHC, the future configuration of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) several new magnets are needed to have the proper acceptance to cope with the high intensity beams emittances.

The recombination dipoles (D2) are one of the magnet that will be replaced. INFN Genova is involved in the design and construction follow-up from the beginning of the project, in collaboration with INFN Milano and Salerno and CERN.

Presently the short model dipole has been built at AS-G Superconductors in Genova. The delivery at CERN of the 1.6m magnet took place in January 2019 and soon the prototype construction will start.

Partial 3D model of the D2 double aperture dipole.

Staff: Pasquale Fabbricatore, Stefania Farinon, Andrea Bersani, Sergio Burioli, Roberto Cereseto

PhD + PostDocs: Barbara Caiffi, Alessandra Pampaloni, Alessandro Maria Ricci