Phenomenology of Fundamental Interactions

Our research is focused on the phenomenology of fundamental interactions, which constitutes the link between theory and experiments in particle physics. In particular, we are interested in precision perturbative calculations in the context of the Standard Model, including strong and electroweak interactions, as well as the physics of the Higgs boson, exploiting both analytical calculations and numerical simulations.

We are also interested in the study of theories that describe particles and interactions beyond the Standard Model, both from a model building perspective, such as supersymmetry, Higgs composite models and neutrino-mass models, and from a model-independent one, through the use of Effective Field Theory.

Finally, our interests expand to applications of Machine Learning and data science techniques to High Energy Physics, both from the experimental and theoretical sides.

Carla Biggio
Stefano Frixione
Simone Marzani
Giovanni Ridolfi
Riccardo Torre

Marco Letizia

PhD students:
Andrea Ghira
Samuele Grossi
Anna Rinaudo