Turbulence and Complex Fluids

The research activity concerns the study of turbulence as a paradigm of disordered systems strongly out of equilibrium. The techniques we use are both of a computational nature (direct numerical resolution of the Navier-Stokes equations by means of pseudo-spectral methods) and of analytical/perturbative nature (asymptotic renormalized perturbation methods and renormalization group).

The main focus is on the anomalous scaling laws and intermittency for which the group recently proposed an innovative methodology for the calculation that lends itself also to be used on the experimental side.

The group also works on the study of turbulent dispersion processes, both normal and anomalous, as well as the study of the interactions between fluid dynamics and elastic degrees of freedom (of elastic structures immersed in fluids, for example elastic fibers) with the ultimate aim of converting in mechanical energy, and subsequently electric, the kinetic energy of a moving fluid.

Andrea Mazzino

Francesco Ferrari

PhD Students:
Mattia Cavaiola
Stefano Olivieri