Mathematical Physics

Regarding the used mathematical methods, they vary from analysis to probability and geometry. The group’s research activities deal with the rigorous mathematical formulation of some modern physical theories. The group consists of the local units of the INFN networks BELL, Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics, and QGSKY, Quantum Universe.

In particular, the addressed topics are:
– Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics
– Quantum information and computation
– Rigorous results in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
– Quantum field theory on curved backgrounds
– Mathematical aspects of interacting quantum field theory both at equilibrium and non-equilibrium
– Algebraic formulation of quantum field theory
– Black Hole evaporation / cosmology
– Non-commutative geometry and quantum spacetimes

Marco Benini
Sante Carloni
Claudio Carmeli
Roberto Cianci
Luca Fabbri
Pierre Martinetti
Nicola Pinamonti
Paolo Solinas
Stefano Vignolo
Vincenzo Vitagliano
Nino Zanghì

Yafet Sanchez Sanchez

PhD students
Matteo Cardi
Edoardo D’Angelo
Fabrizio Esposito
Giovanni Minuto
Cesar Garcia Perez