The Mu2E experiment

The Mu2e experiment looks for the process of direct conversion of a muon into an electron in the presence of an aluminum core. This process violates the conservation of the leptonic flavor, and in the Standard Model it is completely negligible (probability = 10-52). Its direct observation is therefore an indication of a new physics (Supersymmetry, Leptoquarks, Z ‘…)

The Genoa Group:

1) Developed in collaboration with the industry (ASG Superconductors of Genoa) a prototype module for the TS solenoid.

2) It also featured 43 superconducting cables used in the construction of the
three different solenoids of Mu2e

3) It is supporting Fermilab in the follow-up of the construction of the TS solenoid at ASG Superconductors

Members: Fabbricatore Pasquale, Musenich Riccardo, Bersani Andrea, Farinon Stefania.