Carlo Maria Becchi

Research Activities:

I am Italian, I was born in Torino on October 20, 1939, I got my university degree in Physics in Genova on February 2, 1962.

Since 2010 I am retired full professor in Theoretical Physics from the University of Genova, I have chaired the Physics Department in Genova twice since 1983 and the Theory Scientific Committee of INFN from  1997 to  2003, I  have been  Supervisory Editor of Nuclear Physics B from  1991, until 2013.

My  thesis and first scientific activity concerned experiments on the nuclear photo-effect. During 1964 I begun a study of the theory of Elementary Particle Physics in the light of Unitary Symmetry and Quark Models.

Starting from 1971 I undertook a systematic study of Renormalization Theory, considering in particular the renormalization of symmetries. I begun studying the sigma-model and associated current algebra anomalies. Then I studied the possible extensions to gauge theories, this led to the discovery of the Becchi-Rouet-Stora symmetry. The Heineman Prize 2009 for Mathematical Physics has been awarded to this discovery. The years after 1976 were devoted to the extensions of renormalization techniques to various situations including String Theory.

My papers are available on the SPIRES archive.

Pubblication List


Quantum Relativistic Dynamics - Praga Lectures 2007

Introduction to Gauge Theories - Praga Lectures 1996

Introduction to BRS symmetry - ETH Lectures 1996

Gauge Theory Renormalization Group - Parma Lectures 1991

Lectures on Modern-Physics (Italian)

Lectures on the Second Quantization  (Italian)


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Contact Information:
Phone: 0039-010-3536216
Fax: 0039-010-313358
Mailing Address: Department of Physics,
University of Genova
via Dodecaneso 33. I-16122 Genova- Italy

Research supported in part by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare