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author: Marco Bonvini

ggHiggs — Inclusive Higgs cross section in gluon fusion up to N3LO

Developers: Marco Bonvini

This code computes the cross section for the inclusive Higgs production in gluon fusion at LO, NLO, NNLO and N3LO, optionally with small-x resummation.
All fixed-order results are available in the large-mt effective theory, rescaled with the exact LO by default.
At LO and NLO the exact result including any number of fermions (top, bottom and charm) running in the loop is available.
At NNLO the top mass dependence can be included as an expansion in mH/mt, supplemented with the exact small-x behaviour.
At N3LO only the effective theory results is available, and some top mass effects can be included according to the recipe of arXiv:1603.08000.

Up to version 3.5, the cross sections can also be computed using an approximation based on a combination of optimized soft-collinear and high-energy behaviours.
Since version 3.3, pseudo-scalar Higgs boson production in the large-mt effective theory up to NNLO and almost-exact N3LO is also available (arXiv:1606.00837).
Since version 4.0, the exact small-x contributions at NNLO and N3LO are included according to the procedure described in arXiv:1805.08785.
Since version 4.0, it optionally includes small-x resummation at LLx through HELL-x v3.0 onwards (since it is based on pretabulated tables, only μF/mH=2,1,1/2,1/4 are available).
Large-x (threshold) resummation can be added a posteriori through the code TROLL (see arXiv:1405.3654, arXiv:1603.08000 and arXiv:1802.07758).


Latest version: ggHiggs v4.1 (recommended)

Version history Warning: In versions v1.x the μF dependence for the soft part is incomplete when Altarelli-Parisi improvement is done at the exponent (default). Fixed in version 2.0+


ggHiggs depends on the following libraries:


The results and implementation are described in the papers:

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The original results are included in ggHiggs according to the following list (which you should also cite when using these parts of the code):

ResHiggs — Soft-gluon resummed Higgs cross section in gluon fusion up to N3LL'

Developers: Marco Bonvini, Luca Rottoli

This code evolved into a new code called TROLL: visit TROLL webpage


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