TROLL Resums Only Large-x Logarithms

Threshold resummation of Higgs, Drell-Yan and DIS up to N3LL' accuracy

Author: Marco Bonvini
Developers: Marco Bonvini, Luca Rottoli

TROLL is the successor of ResHiggs, a code originally designed for performing threshold (soft-gluon) resummation for Higgs production in gluon fusion up to N3LL'
Now the code includes (resums) the following processes: This code computes the contribution from the threshold-enhanced terms due to soft gluon emission up to N3LL' accuracy, where the prime denotes that we are also including the constant contribution at order αs3, and can match it to fixed order up to N3LO.
For inclusive Higgs production only, the code can perform the resummation both in direct QCD (dQCD), or in SCET (see arXiv:1412.3791).
Resummation is provided through "standard" N-soft resummation and improved ψ-soft resummation; A-soft is also available only for inclusive Higgs (for notations, see arXiv:1405.3654).

As the name states clearly, TROLL only provides the contribution from Resummation, but not the exact Fixed Order: this must be extracted from other codes. We suggest An example of an interface with ggHiggs is provided in the tarball.


Latest version: TROLL v3.3 (recommended)

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TROLL depends on the following libraries: TROLL can be straightforwardly interfaced to ggHiggs.

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