DIpoli SuperConduttori  RApidamente Pulsati






DISCO_RAP is a R&D activity aiming to develop a fast ramped (1 T/s) prototype dipole for SIS300 syncrotron of facility FAIR at GSI. The design magnetic field is 4.5T in an usable aperture of 100 mm. The prototype dipole is a curved magnet with a bending radius of  66 2/3 m and a length of 3879 mm.

The activities are carried out at INFN (Sections of Genova, Laboratori di Frascati and Milano LASA). The whole program is funded by INFN and partly by GSI.



Flowchart of R&D activities                                   Participants

Meetings GSI-INFN                                               Dipole parameter book

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Technical Design Report


Contact Information

Pasquale Fabbricatore

INFN-Sezione di Genova

Via Dodecaneso 33

16146 Genova, Italy


Tel (+39) 010 353 6340

Fax (+39) 010 353 6573


e-mail: pasquale.fabbricatore@ge.infn.it



Last update Dec 28, 2006