Curriculum Vitæ

NameGiovanni Ridolfi
Date of BirthJune 24th, 1960
Place of BirthS. Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo), Italy
Marital StatusSingle
Work AddressINFN Sezione di Genova
Via Dodecaneso 33
I-16146 Genova (Italy)
Phone+39 010 353 6268
Fax+39 010 313358

Education and Research positions

1 Nov. 2005
Full Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Genova (Italy).

1 Feb. 2001
First-level researcher (dirigente di ricerca) of INFN, Sezione di Genova (Italy) (permanent position).

1 Oct. 00 - 30 Jun. 01
Scientific Associate at the CERN Theory Division, CH 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland. Phone: +41 22 767 2478.

1 Mar. 96
Second-level researcher (primo ricercatore) of INFN, Sezione di Genova (Italy) (permanent position).

1 Apr. 93 - 31 Mar. 95
Fellow of the CERN Theory Division (Geneva, Switzerland).

15 Jan. 90
Third-level researcher (ricercatore) of INFN, Sezione di Genova (Italy) (permanent position).

1 Jan. 89 - 31 Dec. 89
Postdoctoral research scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley (USA), supported by a fellowship of Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN).

1 Jan. 88 - 30 Jun. 88
Unpaid associate at the CERN Theory Division (Geneva, Switzerland), supported by a fellowship of Fondazione A. Della Riccia (Firenze, Italy).

1 Jan. 86 - 31 Dec. 88
Ph.D. Student at the University of Genoa, Italy. Ph.D. (Dottorato di ricerca) in Physics obtained on 2 Nov. 89. Thesis: Phenomenological aspects of supergravity theories. Supervisor: Prof. R. Barbieri.

25 Sep. 84 - 24 Mar. 86
Military service as an Officer in the Italian Navy.

21 Dec. 83
Graduation in Physics with score of 110/110 cum laude at the University of Genoa (Italy). Thesis: KLKS mass difference in the quark model. Supervisor: Prof. C.M. Becchi.

Jul. 79
High school diploma at Liceo Ginnasio A. D'Oria, Genoa (Italy). Grade: 52/60.