Non-invasive measurement of the iron overload in the human body.

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  • Assessment of body-iron accumulation is essential for managing therapy of iron-chelating diseases characterized by iron overload such as thalassemia, hereditary hemochromatosis, and other forms of severe anemia. The MID measures iron overload in the whole liver, as the entire human torso fits within its region of sensitivity. MID has been developed in INFN laboratory of Genoa and now it is working in the "Centro della Microcitemia e delle Anemie Congenite" of the Galliera hospital in Genoa Italy. Since February 05, about 400 patients and 90 healthy volunteers have been measured.

    In the left is reported the signal of a patient with a severe iron overload in the liver and the one of a healthy volunteer having close anthropometric characteristics. The x values are the positions of the magnetic field axis relative to the center of the human body torso.

    Signal Centro della Microcitemia E.O.Ospedali Galliera (Genova)

    MID Picture

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