Physics Book


Introduction to the project

Proposal of a Geant4 Physics Book, M.G. Pia, Geant4 Technical Steering Board meeting, June 2003
Geant4 Physics Book, M.G. Pia, Geant4 Workshop, TRIUMF, September 2003

Related projects

Geant4 Test & Analysis Project
Physics Test Project
Statistical Toolkit

Presentations at Geant4 Workshop 2003: Statistical Testing, Electromagnetic Physics Validation

Preliminary results of electromagnetic physics validation (August 2003): photons, electrons, positrons, protons

Useful links

Geant4 Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics
Geant4 Standard Electromagnetic Physics
AIDA (Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis)
AIDA-compliant analysis systems: Anaphe, JAS, Open Scientist

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