at Alghero 2004

Alghero, Hotel Porto Conte, 7-11 June 2004

Geant4 is a software toolkit for the simulation of the interaction of particles with matter, developed and maintained by a world-wide collaboration of physicists and computer scientists. Its application areas include high energy physics experiments, astrophysics and astroparticle physics, space science, medical physics and medical imaging, nuclear physics, radioprotection and radiation background studies. It exploits advanced software engineering techniques and Object Oriented technology to achieve transparency of the physics implementation, as well as openness to extension and evolution.

Geant4 provides a wide set of tools for all the domains of detector simulation, such as Geometry modeling, Detector Response, Run and Event management, Tracking, Visualisation and User Interface. An abundant set of Physics Processes handle the diverse interactions of particles with matter across a wide energy range, as required by Geant4 multi-disciplinary nature; for many physics processes a choice of different models is available. 

The Geant4 source code and libraries are freely available, accompanied by an extensive set of user documentation. 

The course provides an overview of Geant4 capabilities, together with some applications in various experimental domains.

To best profit of the course, some basic knowledge of the C++ computing language  is recommended. A list of books and other introductory readings on Object Oriented methods is provided as a guidance in preparation to the Geant4 lectures.

Course Programme 

Lecture 1

Geant4 kernel

Additional capabilities

Lecture 2

Detector modeling

Interactive capabilities

Lecture 3

Primary event generation

Interactions of particle with matter

Lecture 4

How to use Geant4

Overview of Geant4 application in diverse domains

How to learn more

Course material

Lecture notes will be made available for download from the web.
PLEASE NOTE that no paper copies will be distributed during the course.

Useful links

Geant4 home page
Geant4-INFN home page
Geant4 User Documentation  


Please feel free to contact the Geant4 lecturer for further information.

Maria Grazia Pia is a high energy physicist at INFN Genova and the  National Coordinator of the Geant4-INFN Project. She has been a member of the Geant4 Collaboration since its R&D phase, contributing to Geant4 physics design, development and validation. She leads various projects within Geant4, including Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics, and R&D for  applications in space science and medical physics. She launched the Geant4 Training Programme and is active in the domain of technology transfer. She is also involved in software projects for Data Analysis.
INFN Sezione di Genova, Via Dodecaneso 33, 16146 Genova, Italy - Phone: +39 010 353 6328, Fax: +39 010 31335

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