Other activities

Simulation Science

The research in the domain of simulation science carried out at the INFN Section of Genova encompasses a variety of activities related to particle transport in matter:

  • The development of physics models in the context of the Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit
  • The validation of the foundations of physics modeling (cross sections, nuclear and atomic parameters etc.) for particle transport codes
  • The validation of basic observables (e.g. energy deposition, backscattering) simulated by Geant4
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Innovative Geant4-based applications
  • Statistics

Research in the domain of statistics is focused on hypothesis testing methods relevant to simulation validation tests, namely goodness-of-fit tests. For this purpose we developed a Statistical Toolkit.

Innovative research is performed to explore the application of statistical methods derived from econometrics and quantitative ecology to software engineering and scientometrics.

Software quality

Software engineering research is carried out in collaboration with INFN CNAF; it is focused on the analysis of the quality of large-scale software systems used in particle physics and related field.


Scientometrics is the study of measuring and analyzing science. The activity in this domain at the INFN Section of Genova concerns several topics pertaining to the scope of INFN scientific research:

  • Diversity and inequality in publications of particle and nuclear physics, astrophysics and related technological research
  • Publication patterns of hardware-oriented and software-oriented communities in particle physics and related fields
  • Publication and citation patterns concerning Monte Carlo simulation

The moderation of one of the physics categories of the arXiv preprint server is performed at the INFN Section of Genova.