About us

The National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) is a Public Research Body overseen by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. INFN deals with all research fields, both theoretical and experimental, related to nuclear and subnuclear physics, particle astrophysics, and gravitational waves.

INFN collaborates with universities and national and international research bodies, among which, for the Genoa Section, we mention CERN and PSI in Switzerland, Fermilab and JLab in the United States, and the VIRGO-LIGO consortium, between Italy and the United States.

The Genoa Section of INFN collaborates closely with the Department of Physics of the University of Genoa, proposing courses, both for students of the Degree Course and for the PhD, hosting undergraduates and PhD students and supporting their activity.

The Institute also promotes the transfer of skills to different fields of research such as medicine, energy, cultural heritage and the environment, both through collaborations with industries and through the sharing of knowledge aimed at the public.