Statistical Field Theory

Gauge/Gravity duality and its applications

The Gauge/Gravity duality is a conjectured duality between certain strongly coupled regimes of ordinary quantum field theories and classical (i.e. weakly coupled) theories of gravity in at least one higher dimension. It is a new and extremely interesting tool to map difficult quantum field theory problems into easier classical gravitational ones. In particular. The main interest of the group is to use this tool to analyze poorly understood condensed matter systems, such as Unconventional Superconductors and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.

Statistical mechanics

In this respect, the activities of the group mainly focus on the description of physical systems in the neighbourhood of a critical point. This comprehends the Ising models and its generalizations, cold atoms, and the lattice regularization of gauge theories.

Spacetime symmetries and Lifshitz scaling

The main interest of the group consists of developing techniques for and applications of scale invariance in systems where space and time scale with distinct exponents. These anisotropic scaling symmetries, sometimes called Lifshitz scaling symmetries, can be found at the finite temperature multi-critical points of certain materials and in strongly correlated electron systems. More specifically, we are focusing on cases where scale invariance can be anomalously broken to infinite discrete subgroups and the nature of the associated quantum critical phase transition.







Andrea Amoretti
Nicodemo Magnoli

Daniel Brattan

PhD Students
Luca Martinoia
Nicola Rigolli