Particle Physics Seminars: Fall 2019

Seminars usually take place on Wednesday afternoon at 14:30

Date Speaker Talk Title
9/10 Wouter Waalevjin (Amsterdam U.) Jets, TMDs and resummation (pheno)
16/10 Peter Millington (Nottingham U.) The quantum effective action, external sources and a new exact RG equation (theory)
23/10 Riccardo Argurio (Bruxelles U.) Charting the phase diagram of QCD3 (theory)
30/10 Francesco Bigazzi (INFN Florence) (theory)
6/11 Oleh Fedkveych (Genova U.) Double parton scattering in jet production processes at the LHC (pheno)
13/11 Andrea Amoretti (Genova U.) (theory)
20/11 Matthew Lim (Milano Bicocca) Higgsstrahlung at NNLL'+NNLO matched to parton shower in GENEVA (pheno)
27/11 Daniel Arean (Madrid) (theory)
4/12 Johannes Michel (DESY Hamburg) Multi-differential resummation for the LHC (pheno)
11/12 Johanna Erdmenger (Wurzburg U.) (theory)
18/12 Lorenzo Calibbi (Nankai U.) (pheno)

*Note the unusual day.

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