Particle Physics Seminars: Spring 2019

Seminars usually take place on Tuesday afternoon at 14:30

Date Speaker Talk Title
26/02 Paolo Nason (Milan Bicocca U.) Top mass measurements and infrared renormalons (pheno)
05/03 Daniel Brattan (INFN Genoa) When space and time are not on the same footing - anisotropic scale invariance (theory)
12/03 Luca Di Luzio (Pisa U.) Rethinking the QCD axion (pheno)
19/03 Javier Tarrio (Helsinki U.) Can we learn about cold dense phases of matter from holography? (theory)
26/03 Filippo Vernizzi (IPhT Paris) (pheno)
02/04 Nick Poovuttikul (Iceland U.) (theory)
10/04* Stefano Giusto (Padua U.) (theory)
16/04 Massimo d'Elia (Pisa U.) (theory)
30/04 Francesco Di Bello (Geneva U.) (pheno)
13/05* Yvonne Peters (Manchester U.) (pheno)
21/05 Javier Redondo (Zaragoza U.) (pheno)

*Note the unusual day.

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