4th Workshop on
Geant4 Bio-medical Developments
Geant4 Physics Validation
INFN Genova, 13-20 July 2005

The workshop is meant to concretely address current activities of the Geant4 Collaboration in developments of bio-medical interest and physics validation, and to foster collaborative plans for further work in these domains.

The workshop is expected to have an informal character, and all participants are encouraged to present their activities and results; ample room will be given to discussion and planning for coherent work of common interest.

The attendance is by invitation only; please contact the local organization if you wish to participate in the meeting.


The agenda is under preparation; please contact the local organization if you wish to give a presentation and for any suggestions of topics to be discussed.

Geant4-DNA 13 July
Geant4 in hadrontherapy and other medical applications 14-15 July
Informal discussion sessions 16-17 July
Geant4 physics validation 18-19 July
Other collaboration matters 20 July

A social dinner will be organized on 14 July to celebrate the Prise de la Bastille.


To facilitate the practical organization of the meeting, please register by sending an email indicating which meeting sessions you wish to attend.

Session Fee
Geant4-DNA 30 euro
Geant4 in hadrontherapy and other medical applications 60 euro
Geant4 physics validation 60 euro
Whole workshop 150 euro


The list of registered participants will be regularly updated here.


Various hotels in Genova offer special rates to INFN guests. Please contact the INFN Scientific Secretaries Ms. Laura Opisso or Ms. Elisa Carnevali to reserve a hotel as an INFN visitor; please mention "Geant4 workshop" in your email.

The Physics Department, hosting the INFN Section of Genova, is located in a residential neighbourhood, while most of the hotels from the list above are in the city centre or in the seaside areas.
The Verdi, Sauli and Astoria hotels are conveniently located in the city centre near the Brignole railway station, where one can get several buses to the Physics Department (10 minutes by bus + 5 minutes' walk approximately).
Metropoli and Palazzo Cicala are centrally located in the old town; one can reach the Physics Department by 5' walk + 15' bus + 5' walk.
The hotels in Nervi are in a scenic seaside neighbourhood on the east end of the city; one can reach the Physics Department either by 20' bus + 5' walk, or by taking a train to Brignole Station (10-15' train + 10' bus + 5' walk, the regular bus ticket is valid also on trains within the city limit).
Capannina and Hermitage are in residential areas not far from the Physics Department, but they are not well connected to the meeting location by public transportation; they are at about 20-25' walking distance, or a few minutes' drive from the INFN site.

Parking is relatively easily available near the Physics Department, but it is very difficult to find in most hotel locations.

Practical information

Bus tickets can be bought at newspaper stands or tobacco shops; they are valid for 90 minutes after stamping them. They can be used indifferently on all public transportation within the city limits (bus, train, metro, funiculars and public lifts).

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