4th Workshop on
Geant4 Bio-medical Developments
Geant4 Physics Validation 

Meeting at INFN Genova, 13-20 July 2005, Room 604.


The meeting is informal; ample room will be left to discussion.

Session schedule and social events

9.00-9.30 Room 604 Registration (Wednesday, Thursday, Monday)
9.30 - 13.00
(11.00 tea break)
Room 604 Morning session
13.00 - 14.30 Room 824 Lunch
14.30 - 18.00
(16.00 tea break)
Room 604 (13-15/7)
5th floor (18-19/7)
Afternoon session

The afternoon tea break on 18-19/7 will be served at 16.30 on the 5th floor, in front of the Aula Pancini, and will be shared with the ATLAS Workshop.

Social dinners: Thursday 14 July (Prise de la Bastille), Monday 18 July.

Dinner at Gaia on 18/7, how to get there: from Brignole Station or city centre, take bus 18, 19, 20, 28, 30, 35, 39, 40, direction West (towards Principe Station; get out at Largo Zecca, immediately after the 2nd tunnel; the meeting point is at the bus stop of Largo Zecca at 8.20 pm.


Wednesday 13 July

News and recent updates  
Goals of the workshop Discussion
Physics processes: overview and current status S. Incerti
Physics processes: software process and OOAD (.ppt, .sxi) R. Capra
Anthropomorphic phantoms G. Guerrieri
Biological model parameters from clinical data, part 2 S. Chauvie
News from the NASA School at Brookhaven B. Mascialino
Preparation for future conferences and papers Discussion
Discussions and work plans, software releases Discussion

Medical Projects

9.00-9.30 Room 608: Registration

Thursday 14 July

News and recent updates  
Goals of the workshop Discussion
Status and plan for the project to develop simulation framework for particle therapy T. Sasaki 30'
Hadrontherapy with Geant4 at NPL D. Shipley
Measurement of Carbon Ion Interactions with Water in the Energy Region of Hadron Therapy K. Amako
Radiation protection for the planetary explorations programme S. Guatelli
Geant4 Bertini cascade models for medical applications A. Heikkinen
Systematic validation of Geant4 electromagnetic and hadronic models on Bragg peak data S. Guatelli
Developments and validation for hadrontherapy applications Discussion

Friday 15 July

DICOM interface and dose scoring T. Aso
Status of the Geant4 DICOM example S. Chauvie
Anthropomorphic phantoms: analytical and voxel models, plans for development G. Guerrieri
Geant4 medical simulations in a distributed computing environment S. Guatelli
Python interface for Geant4 medical applications K. Murakami
Monte Carlo simulation with Geant4 for verification of rotational total skin electron therapy (TSET) on behalf of C. Zacharatou
Progress with IMRT simulation: addressing the cpu time requirements and plans for publication S. Guatelli / B. Mascialino
User interface for medical applications: requirements, BEAM-like treatment head Discussion
Future activities, collaboration Discussion

Physics Validation

Monday 18 July

News and recent updates  
Goals of the workshop Discussion
Bremsstrahlung validation L. Pandola
Atomic relaxation: validation against the NIST data A. Mantero
General assistant tool for checking results from Monte Carlo simulations T. Koi
Activity in Standard EM and introduction to discussion M. Maire
New Components in Standard EM Components in Standard EM Package and Verification Results Package on behalf of V. Ivanchenko
Anomalous change of observed energies in Sandwich Calorimeter T. Koi
Recent user publications on PMB and Med. Phys. about Geant4 medical applications: how to respond Discussion
Multiple scattering: activities in progress, common plans, exploration of alternative models Discussion
Common plans for electromagnetic physics validation Discussion
Proton Bragg peak validation against CATANA data G. Russo
Common strategy for Bragg peak validation S. Guatelli + discussion

Tuesday 19 July

Physics validation activity in the LCG context A. Ribon
Hadron verification suite for the cascade energy range on behalf of V. Ivanchenko
Validation activities and requirements for underground physics experiments L. Pandola
Geant4 physics validation: use of GRID resources P. Mendez Lorenzo 30'
Recent developments of the Statistical Toolkit B. Mascialino
Physics testing infrastructure and integration in Geant4 testing process Discussion
Common plans for hadronic physics validation Discussion
Physics validation, Physics Book, collaboration-wide goals and projects Discussion
Publications and conferences: plans for physics validation papers, Geant4 Physics Book Discussion
Preparation for the Geant4 Workshop in Bordeaux Discussion


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