We have developed an interface card for the LHC ECS system,

Our board interface a credit card sized Pentium processor with the subdetector acquisition and control logic. gluecard, 38KB

A better image of the board (both sideds) can be seen here .

A more detailed presentation of the board can be found here .

The list of connections necessary between CCPC and gluecard
can be found here

A few technical details can be found here

The top and bottom layout of the gluecard have been added     <------- sept 26th 2003

The first version schematics of the glue card are shown in the following 5 pages (pdf format):

The final schematics (5 pages) of the glue card are HERE          February 14th 2005

We store here all the 'ad interim' version of the firmware. The tar files contain

The first working version, do not use
The second working version, Jtag bug corrected
The third working version, ready_ signal tristated when not asserted
The almost final (?!) working version, fully tested @ 60 MHz
Small change on pin definition (Pin IO_13 configured as input with pulldown)

We hope the verilog code will help you in developing your application, especially to see how to de-multiplex the local bus, but clearly it's up to you to see if it fits your needs!

If the glue card is equipped with the updated eprom there is no need to use the .bit (or .rbt) file. moreover if you decide to upgrade the firmware, REMEMBER, for the fpga to load a file you must set the jumper accordingly!

We now show also the FULL SCHEMATICS of our test board <-------- NEW December 2th 2003

These pages contain the full informations to connect a CCPC to the glue-card and to many different peripherals e.g. mouse, floppy hard disk, network connections, etc.

We show here not only the connections between CCPC and peripherals but also connections between a glue card and a few RAM on the local bus and some devices on the I2C bus.

The schematics are shown in the following 8 pages (pdf format):

DISCLAIMER: we believe that the schematics is an accurate description of what we have built, everything works fine but we cannot take any responsibility if your implementation will not work as wanted...

More details will be found on the Cern official page for Credit Card PC as ECS interface .

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