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Workshop on EUSO Electronics, Genova 5th-6th March 2001

The 1st WorkShop on Euso electronics was held in Genova (Italy) on March 5th and 6th.

This page is meant to be only a quick reminder for the decision taken at the WorkShop and a repository for the transparencies. A better container for the Electronics Working Group for Euso will be given in the future.

WorkShop output.

We have defined a base line system (see FIRE document) composed of:

We have identified a set of possible improvements (the institution at the end of each item is responsible to provide further information at the Palermo WorkShop in June 2001).

IFCAI (O. Catalano) will provide soon a program to generate the number of photoelectrons in the phocal plane, so that all different ideas can be compared quatitatively
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