Esperimento MaRiSA

MAgnete per RIcerca Superconduttività Applicata – MaRiSA Test of critical current of high current superconducting cable up to 8T in a bore up to 440 mm and current up to 100 kA with a transformer method.

Technical Means:

  • Magnetic Field of 8T in 330 mm bore with sample temperature  1K<T<300 K;
  • Magnetic Field  of 6T in 440 mm with temperature 1K<T<300 K;
  • Sample shaped as a ring with low resistance joint;
  • Maximum current 100 kA.
The Helium liquifier at INFN Genova

Among the most significant results, critical current measurements of:

  • 30 conductors used for HERA superconducting dipoles
  • All conductors (6) involved in BaBar Superconducting Solenoid (SLAC)
  • All conductors (20) involved in CMS Superconducting Solenoid (CERN)
  • All conductor involved in Mu2e superconducting solenoids (43 tests)
MaRiSA during a liquid nitrogen transfer.

Technical steps and expertise:

  • Construction of a sample holder according the specific requirements, equipped with Cernox thermometers and Hall probes,
  • Cool-down of the magnet (1500 l ol LN2 and 1000 l of LHe for one measurement run),
  • Check-up of the Magnet Safety System (MSS),
  • Securing the area,
  • Magnetic field  rise
  • Tests on the sample.

Personale INFN: Pasquale Fabbricatore, Dr. Riccardo Musenich