Measurement of the W boson mass at LHCb

Marzo 3, 2022@11:00 am–12:00 pm

Seminario di Fenomenologia INFN/DIFI – Mika Vesterinen (Warwick University)

Global fits to precision electroweak data are sensitive to physics beyond the Standard Model but this sensitivity is currently limited by the precision with which the W mass has been directly measured. The most precise measurements of the W mass have been at hadron collider experiments using the kinematic distributions in leptonic W decays. I present the first measurement of the W mass with the LHCb experiment, which is a single-arm small-angle spectrometer experiment at the LHC. I will start with an introduction to the standard model and the precision electroweak observables before describing the challenges in measuring the W mass and the solutions used in LHCb’s measurement. This measurement is based on a subset of the existing LHCb data and I will present an outlook for a more precise measurement with the full dataset, and future combinations with the other LHC experiments.

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Topic: Theory and Pheno seminars
Meeting ID: 857 318 5271