The puzzling behavior of pentaquarks and tetraquarks

Aprile 14, 2021@11:00 am–12:00 pm

Colloquium – Dr.ssa Elena Santopinto
Quarks that combine in much more complex ways than scientists expected can have repercussions in many fields, not only in particle physics, but in astronomy, from neutron stars to dark matter. The recent observation by LHCb of a meson made of four charm quarks (T_cccc) and of three pentaquark states (P_c^+) has consecrated the subject of exotics as a hot topic. New experiments at LHC and Belle plan to shed light on this unexpected behavior
and try to understand the strong force at long distance. In this talk, some of the main experimental findings and theoretical predictions given before the experimental discoveries, regarding fully charm tetraquarks and pentaquarks, will be presented and discussed.

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