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The Collaboration

The JLAB12 group of the INFN / Catania Section is formed by four researchers,a mechanical engineer and several technicians and relies on the significant contribution of the Advanced Technologies Service and Electronics Service of  CT/ Section, which have greatly contributed to the design and construction of GEM detectors ( size 50 x  40 cm 2) for the new SBS  tracker  of the  Hall A Collaboration, work taken over by the JLAB12 group of INFN/CT. Both the structure and services of triple GEM chambers mechanical design and the accommodation and arrangement of a dedicated area of the clean room of Section, for the tests of the chambers during the various phases of construction, were completed. For this purpose, a special  TENDIGEM has been built in order to put under tension, properly controlled , the  GEM foils and prepare them for the bonding.The work continued   with the design and construction of " frames" and different other components of the detector, furthermore CERN GEM foils electrical test and bonding of different triple GEM chamber parts were performed. Moreover we are preparing a triple-GEM chambers test system by using sources and cosmic rays. At present two triple GEM detectors were completed and tested by using an electron beam with an energy from 2 to 6 GeV, in the period   April 22 - May 6   2013, at DESY (Hamburg), Germany.

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