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The Collaboration

The JLAB12 Group at INFN Sezione di Roma consists in two senior researchers and one junior researcher. It is involved in researches in several fields that include form factors, parity violation, hypernuclear spectroscopy and nuclear structure. In the field of form factors the INFN Rome Group is involved in the construction of two planes of silicon detectors that are going to be placed in front of the magnet of the SBS Spectrometer designed to carry on form factor measurements. In the field of Parity violation, the group had a leading role in the experiment PREX that determined for the first time in a clean way, at a 95% confidence level, the existence of a neutron skin in  208Pb.  In the field of hypernuclear spectroscopy the Rome Group is studying the hypernuclei generated through electroproduction in order to better understand the potential hyperon-nucleon. At last, in the field of nuclear structure, INFN Rome Group has a leading role in the experiment E06-007, that studies the quasi elastic reaction  208Pb(e,e’p) 207Tl in order to measure spectroscopic factors (and their possible dependence on Q 2), to understand the role of relativistic dynamics in the description of nuclei and to study the long range correlations.                   

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