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The Ferrara group is composed by experimental physicists of both INFN and University of Ferrara. The group has a long experience in the field of the study of the nucleon structure in experiments with polarized beams and targets and, in the years, has acquired skills and covered important responsibilities both in hardware development and in fundamental physics (HERMES and PAX experiments). In the framework of the JLab12 Collaboration it is actively involved in the construction of a RICH  (Ring Imaging CHerenkov)  detector for CLAS12. The RICH, needed for the charged hadrons (pions, kaons, protons) identification, constitutes an essential tool for the realization of a wide physics program inherent the study of the nucleon structure in deep-inelastic-scattering processes. In this regard, the group is also promoter of a variety of experiment proposals at CLAS12, to be performed with the 12 GeV electron beam of JLab, aimed to the comprehension of the complex mechanisms that regulate the dynamics of quarks and gluons inside nucleons. These studies will allow constructing a three-dimensional map of the nucleon (nucleon tomography) through the measurement of a particular class of (transverse-momentum dependent) parton distribution functions, the TMDs, still poorly known.


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