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The Collaboration

The Division was established in 1989 at the Physics Department of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". At present about 170 researchers work there, of whom 40 are INFN staff and 130 are professors, Ph.D. and senior undergraduate students of the University. Roma Tor Vergata Division is involved in many research activities: there are groups studying particle physics using accelerators (Atlas, Kloe, LHCb and Totem) astro-particle physics (Agile, Argo, Auger, Dama, Fermi, LISA Pathfinder, Pamela, Virgo, Rap, Rog, Wizard) and nuclear physics and the structure of the nucleon (Graal, Jlab12 and Mambo). In the field of theoretical physics very relevant is the involvement in String Theories and Lattice Gauge Theories. There are also important contributions in interdisciplinary fields (Si-Eye) and in Research & Development activities, especially in the field of attractor neural networks, new acceleration techniques and high-level electronic technologies.

Active projects

1 - Realization and usage of polarized frozen-spin HD targets (HDice)
2 - Purity measurements of HD gas using Raman scattering trachnique
3 - Contribution to the construction of a Forward Tagger for Clas12
4 - Study of photo-production experiments on polarized nucleons.

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