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The Genova group of the JLAB12 collaboration is formed by personnel of the nuclear physics group of the Genova Unit of INFN and of the Department of Physics of the University of Genova. The group started is activity at Jefferson Lab in 1992 within the INFN AIACE Collaboration (Attività Italiana A CEbaf). Purpose of AIACE was the study of hadronic structure via the measurement of inclusive, semi-inclusive and exclusive reaction on hydrogen, deuterium and light nuclei, using the beam produced by the CEBAF accelerator and the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS), located in the Hall B. Since 2010, the group has continued its research activity within the JLAB12 collaboration, participating to experiments in both the Hall A and Hall B. During the many years of activity at Jefferson Lab, the group has contributed to the research program of the laboratory both presenting new proposal for physics experiments and building new detector and experimental equipment. These include the large angle electromagnetic calorimeter, LAC, the NH 3/ND 3 polarized target, the low Q 2 Cerenkov counter and the Start Counter for photon beam experiments. Presently, the group coordinates the meson spectroscopy program proposed in Hall B with the new CLAS12 spectrometer and the construction of the Forward Tagger, a new electron detector for experiments with quasi-real photons.                                

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