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The Sanità group of the INFN Rome section is composed by researchers and technicians of the Italian National Institute of Health. Since its origin in the 30's, promoted by Enrico Fermi, the Institute physics laboratory, formerly the “Office of Radio”  of Via Panisperta, investigated radioactivity and nuclear reactions. In fact, the first accelerator, a Cockcroft-Walton, designed by the Fermi group and operated in Italy, was installed in the Institute in 1939. The accelerator is now on display in the main hall of the INFN administrative headquarter in Frascati. The JLab12 Sanità group include 2 scientists (one from ENEA/Casaccia), 4 technicians, 1 PhD student and 2 senior researchers. The prevailing activity on JLab12 is essentially devoted to the study of the spin structure of the nucleon (proton or neutron), the hypernuclear spectroscopy by electromagnetic probe and the research and development of RICH and GEM based tracker detectors. Following the mission of the Italian National Institute of Health members of the groups exploits the challenging technologies used in the above fundamental research activity for the development of novel equipments for medical and more general health applications such as imaging with radioniclides (visit web page), hadron therapy and radioactive environmental contamination monitoring (visit web page)

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