Increasing the precision of the QCD coupling around the tau mass scale

Marzo 14, 2022@2:00 pm–3:00 pm
Aula 601 e online

Seminario di Fenomenologia – Dr. Diogo Boito (Universidade de Sao Paulo/University of Vienna)

The theoretical precision of many crucial observables in the
Standard Model is nowadays limited by our knowledge of QCD parameters.
Determining the strong coupling and quark masses with smaller uncertainties is
therefore a fundamental task in order to match the reduced errors
that are expected from present and future experiments.
Extracting the QCD parameters is not a straightforward task, since
they are not physical observables: theory input is as important as experimental data. I will
discuss recent developments in the precise determination of the strong coupling
around the tau mass scale, which represents one of the most stringent
tests of asymptotic freedom. I will discuss a viable solution to a
long-standing problem related to the renormalization group improvement
of the perturbative series, the interplay between perturbative and
non-perturbative contributions, and the role of recent experimental
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Topic: Theory and Pheno seminars
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