Inflationary scenario and de Sitter conjecture ( Dr Kunihito Uzawa, Kwansei Gakuin Univ. and Keio Univ.)

Marzo 7, 2024@2:00 pm–3:00 pm
Aula 605

Seminario Fisica Teorica

Several simple criteria were proposed to assess if vacua emerging from an effective scalar field theory are part of the string “landscape” or “swampland”. However, there has been little attempt to examine the swampland criterion against explicit context of kinetic terms made up of scalar fields. In this presentation, we discuss the universal behavior that in the region wherein the moduli are expected to be stable, the theory of gravity may be part of the landscape. By contrast, in the region where they may be faithful runaway potential, in the sense they possess a finite kinetic term for scalar field, the theory should thus be part of the swampland. We also consider the inflationary scenario interpolating between the cosmological landscape and the swampland and establish the part of the domain of existence where the swampland criteria are violated.

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