New ideas for a precision measurement of the W boson mass

Aprile 7, 2021@11:00 am–12:00 pm

Seminario di Fenomenologia – Dr Lorenzo Bianchini (INFN Sezione di Pisa)

The mass of the W boson offers a unique opportunity for testing the electroweak sector to high precision. At present, the Standard Model of strong and electroweak interactions yields an indirect determination of the W boson mass which is more precise than the direct measurement. The gap between theory and experiment, made even more intriguing by a slight tension between the two, motivates the continuation of the experimental program. Unfortunately, at the LHC, this program has hit the wall of systematic uncertainty, mostly related to our imperfect description of hadron collisions. ASYMOW is an ERC-funded project which proposes a new approach, agnostic with respect to the microscopic picture of W boson production, to circumvent the limiting systematic uncertainties. The intrinsic model-independence of the method, joined with its robustness towards the harsh environmental conditions of proton-proton collisions, will allow for a full exploitation of the unprecedented data set collected by the CMS experiment at the LHC. By leveraging this power, a big step ahead on the experimental side seems possible. This project comes with great experimental, theoretical, and computational challenges. Its successful completion would set a milestone in precision at hadron colliders, with far-reaching implications.
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