Odd Viscoelasticity (Prof.Piotr Surowka, Wrokaw U. of Science and Technology

Febbraio 29, 2024@2:00 pm–3:00 pm
A601 e online

Seminario di Fisica Teorica

Active matter encompasses systems that are not in equilibrium, consisting of elements that either consume energy or exert work. Consequently, their macroscopic characteristics diverge significantly from those predicted by continuum field theories based on equilibrium statistical mechanics. Recent advancements in active matter research have prompted a reevaluation of the fundamental principles of materials science. This has led to the development of a novel theoretical framework known as odd(visco)elasticity. Traditional elasticity treats solids as continuous media that change shape in response to external forces. On a microscopic scale, applying force to a crystalline structure displaces its atoms, which then exert a counterforce to regain the crystal’s original configuration. However, this dynamics is fundamentally altered in active odd materials, where the response to applied forces includes not only compression or deformation but also deflection. In this presentation, I will provide an overview of the recent advancements in this field.

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