Properties of heavy mesons in a hot medium within a thermal effective theory

Aprile 11, 2022@11:00 am–12:00 pm
Aula 602 e online

Seminario di fenomenologia INFN/DIFI – Dr. Gloria Montaña (Barcelona University)

The quark-⁠gluon plasma (QGP) is expected to be produced with heavy-⁠ion collisions at RHIC and LHC at very high temperatures and vanishing baryon densities. Charmed mesons are a promising probe of this hot state of strongly interacting matter, as charm quarks are produced in the early stages of the collision and experience the whole evolution of the system. In order to describe the experimental data, a proper theoretical understanding of the propagation of charmed mesons in a hot medium is mandatory. While lattice QCD is becoming an increasingly important tool in this regime, we employ a complementary theoretical methodology that allows us to approach the QGP transition from the
hadronic phase. In particular, we have recently studied the thermal modification of open-⁠charm mesons in a hot mesonic medium by applying an effective field theory based on chiral and heavy-⁠quark spin-⁠flavour symmetries [1,2]. In this approach, the in-⁠ medium unitarized amplitudes of the scattering of the heavy mesons off the light mesons and the self-⁠energies of the heavy mesons are calculated
self-⁠consistently. I will summarize our findings regarding the in-⁠medium properties (masses and decay widths) of the ground-⁠state heavy mesons, as well as those of the excited mesonic states that are
dynamically generated in our heavy-⁠light molecular model, such as the D_0^*(2300) and the D_{s0}^*(2317). Besides, I will report on our results for the open-⁠charm Euclidean correlators and their comparison with those obtained with lattice QCD [3]. Finally, I will discuss the effect on the heavy-⁠flavour transport coefficients, like the drag and transport coefficients, of the scattering of the heavy mesons with the hot medium [4].

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Topic: Theory and Pheno seminars
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