Semiclassical gravity and evaporation of dynamical black holes sourced by the quantum trace anomaly

Maggio 26, 2021@11:00 am–12:00 pm

Seminario di Fisica Teorica – Paolo Meda (Università di Genova e INFN di Genova)

A first approximation to describe the interplay between quantum matter and gravity is given by the quantum field on curved spacetimes and the semiclassical gravity, in which the backreaction of a quantum matter field propagating over a fixed spacetime geometry can be analyzed by using the so-called semiclassical Einstein equation. In this framework, the evaporation of four-dimensional spherically symmetric black holes can be explained by the appearance of an ingoing negative energy flux at the apparent horizon, which induces a negative variation of the black hole mass. I will show that this flux can be sourced by the trace anomaly of the quantum stress-energy tensor in case of a massless conformally-coupled scalar field once a certain averaged energy condition is assumed outside the horizon. As an example, I will compute the negative flux and the rate of evaporation in the Vaidya spacetime, which describes the exterior geometry of a null radiating star.

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Topic: Theory and Pheno seminars
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