Seminario di Fisica Teorica Dr. Giulio Gambuti (Oxford University)

Dicembre 9, 2020@11:00 am–12:00 pm

Non-Fierz-Pauli Massive Gravity

Modifying gravity at large distances by means of a massive graviton may explain the observed acceleration of the Universe without Dark Energy. The standard paradigm for Massive Gravity is the Fierz-Pauli theory, which, nonetheless, displays well known flaws in its massless limit. The most serious one is represented by the vDVZ discontinuity, which consists in a disagreement between the massless limit of the Fierz-Pauli theory and General Relativity. A field-theoretical treatment of linearized Massive Gravity leads to an alternative theory describing the five degrees of freedom of the graviton, with a good massless limit, without vDVZ discontinuity, and depending on one mass parameter only, in agreement with the Fierz-Pauli theory.

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