The O(N) Monolith reloaded: Sum rules and Form Factor Bootstrap

Ottobre 11, 2023@2:30 pm–3:30 pm
Aula 500 e online

Seminario di Fisica Teorica (Dr. Alessandro Georgoudis, Queen Mary)

In this talk I will present the S-matrix bootstrap program and its application to the study of 2d gapped and UV complete QFTs. In our work we extend the known results from pure S-matrix bootstrap by including into the set-up form factors and spectral functions of the stress energy tensor and conserved currents. I will explain how this extended set-up works and show how the associated sum rules allow us to put bounds on quantities like the central charge of the underlying conformal theories in the UV. Based on work with L. Córdova, M. Correia and A. Vuignier.

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Topic: Theory and Pheno seminars
Meeting ID: 857 318 5271