Theory of pinned viscoelastic hydrodynamics

Aprile 21, 2022@11:00 am–12:00 pm
on-line e Aula 601

Seminario di Fisica Teorica INFN/DIFI – Dr Akash Jain (Amsterdam U.)

Symmetries are a powerful organizational tool in physics that can be used to construct effective theories for physical systems without a detailed understanding of their microscopic constituents. The symmetries under consideration need not be fundamental. Even the knowledge about approximate effective symmetries of the system under consideration can go a long way in constructing an effective description. In this talk, we will construct an effective theory for pinned viscoelastic crystals by exploiting approximate translational symmetry. We will analyze the constraints from the second law of thermodynamics and use these to derive the damping-attenuation relation in pinned crystals. In the process, we will also unravel various new transport coefficients that show up in the stress and energy constitutive relations of these systems and probe their physical significance. The talk will be based on
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Topic: Theory and Pheno seminars
Meeting ID: 857 318 5271