TOTEM and D0: the observation of the Odderon

Giugno 16, 2021@11:00 am–12:00 pm

Colloquium – Dr. Fabrizio Ferro (INFN Sezione di Genova)

The Odderon, first theorized in 1973, represents the C-odd counterpart of the Pomeron, the dominant Regge trajectory in the soft high energy diffractive interactions. The Odderon emerges not only in the Regge framework, but also in QCD theory where it can be modelled as an exchange of a colourless C-odd gluonic compound. States comprising two, three or more gluons are usually called “glueballs”, and their observation represents a key test of the QCD. The TOTEM experiment at LHC has performed total and differentialelastic p-p cross-section measurements at different LHC energies.
Since 2018 a first hint of the presence of the Odderon was found in TOTEM results. Now the discovery has been confirmed after a comparison with the p-bar-p data measured by the D0 collaboration at Fermilab. The comparison of the two experiment results led to the first experimental observation of the exchange of the Odderon with a significance of 5.4σ.

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Topic: Colloquium: “TOTEM and D0: the observation of the Odderon”
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